The best thing about Apple’s smartwatches

The best thing about Apple’s smartwatches

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I am sure Apple is going to sell a lot of their new watches this year. I however will most likely not be one of their customers. From what I have seen up till now there is to little to love to justify the expence more on the subject in my preliminairy review of the Apple watch. However there is one thing that they did extremely well in my opinion.

The way you can change a strap. This might sound trivial, but the way they have implemented it is quite smart if you ask me. Without the use of tools you can transform the look and feel of the watch. I say the look because appart from the obvious (a different color and/or material strap) it is possible to go from an intergrated strap design to a design with lugs. This makes it possible to have aftermarket straps attached as well. Job well done!


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